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Cyrus Jafari

The Cyrus Place

The Cyrus Place is a wedding, events and performing arts venue located in the Historic Core of Downtown Indianapolis. With the Main Hall and Grand Hall, the versatility of The Cyrus Place is endless, offering a beautiful customizable backdrop for events of any style, including entertainment, corporate, non-profit, wedding, and performing arts.

Sherry Sullivan

Compass Park

Built in 2015, the Community and Event Center at Compass Park is a wonderful place for meetings and events such as weddings, family reunions, anniversary celebrations, fundraisers and parties. From conference rooms to our beautiful ballroom, to outdoor venues, Compass Park has the versatility and polish to host any gathering.

Shelly McWilliams

Lucas Oil Estate

The Lucas Estate has been the host to some of the most upscale events that include quite an elaborate resume of special guests including George W. Bush, Garth Brooks, Tony Dungy, Jon Lovitz, and Gladys Knight! The Lucas Estate is by far the most beautiful and mesmerizing place in the state of Indiana to host an unforgettable and memorable occasion!